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The essentials for booking a honeymoon to the Caribbean

Posted by blogadmin on August - 29 - 2014

The essentials for booking a honeymoon to the Caribbean

We all take for granted how easy it is to prepare a wedding when you aren’t involved directly with the proceedings. Happily standing on the peripherals and then turn up on the day of the wedding to be fed and entertained. But the reality is that this period of the couple’s lives are extremely stressful; trying to iron out the final details of what is potentially the most important day of their lives.

Once all the dust settles and the wedding is out the way, that’s when the honeymoon provides that transition from insanity to relaxation. However, if not planned meticulously and every little detailed is taken into account, a honeymoon can turn into a holiday from hell. In this article we cover a series of much-blogged about travel basics, which should be researched before you leave your respective country.

Wedding gifts > Holiday spending money

It is now very prevalent in the modern age of weddings that monetary gifts are the presents of choice. If you are venturing to the Caribbean on your dream holiday, make sure to get your currency changed well in advance as some banks or Bureau de Changes take 3 working days to process large currency exchanges.

Pre-book exciting and relaxing activities

It’s all about finding the balance when you go on your honeymoon. Obviously, you’ll want to have as much fun as possible but remember you need adequate downtime as well time to recuperate from the hectic last couple of months. Find the time to unwind but also take advantage of the boundless things that the Caribbean has to offer. Research is key! The Telegraph recently published an article by British journalist Nick Holford documenting the ’50 Best Things to Do in the Caribbean’, which is worth a read.

Pre-book parking arrangements at the Airport

Caribbean Vacation


You’ve read the many horror stories of people turning up to airports and not pre-booking long-stay parking. If you don’t pre-book expect extortionate fees. It’s also imperative that you find a parking service that provides secure and well-policed areas. UK-based company Parking4Less states that at high-profile airports like the UK’s flagship airport Heathrow, customers “can have peace of mind whilst parking their cars and these parking lots are frequently patrolled 24 hours a day.” The last thing anyone wants is to return from their honeymoon with their car having been broken into or damaged. You’ll also find that valet services are on offer at many of the modern airports nowadays.

Embrace the culture and music of the Caribbean

Depending on what island/s you’re visiting during your trip, there will always be a plethora of events going on especially during the summer months. Again, it’s really reliant on what sort of music you are into, but events such as the Reggae Summerfest in Jamaica or arts festival, the Trinidad Carnival are just some of the great options available.

If this article indicates anything, it’s that the key to a enjoyable and stress-free honeymoon is to plan everything before you depart. Honeymoon’s are for relaxing not trying to overcome hurdles that could have been avoided if a little thought had gone into your preparations.

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