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Destination: Costa Rica –  Central America
Hotel Rating: 4.5 Stars
4.5 stars

The place provides a variety of activities on the amazing beach places      such as snorkeling or sportfishing in the ConventionalRiu Palace sea, vacations in the volcanic areas, and during the day several applications of enjoyment for all age categories, whether in family. The place has the mild feel of a beach hotel, but with an city style. The complete figures are mild and water. Even the statues in various areas of the property are similar to sea surf.

Prices starting from $629.00 per individual, 4 nightime, based on dual occupancy such as hotel taxation. Area only. Please contact us for air travel costs from your making city or you may complete the holiday quotation type that is available on our web page.

Other hotels are available. Program includes: 4 nightime hotel property, all-inclusive foods, drinks, tips, non-motorized sea sports and roundtrip hotel dealings.

Valid for journey Apr 10 – This season 4, 2013 during mid-week journey. Darkening applications during vacations are not appropriate. For journey applications not involved, please contact us at 888-269-1777 or complete the holiday quotation type that is available on our web page.

Prices are per individual, dual occupancy. Price is potential managed and are subject to accessibility at enough length of planning. Some applications the costs will be a little bit higher. Resort taxation are involved in the price.




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