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Hawaii Destinations

The “Paradise of the Pacific” and the home of all island treasures. It is a kingdom ruled by the sun and guided by a warm, welcoming people.

With the six neighbor islands, it might give you difficulty which one is right for you. All islands offer outstanding scenery and astonishing South Seas ambiance yet all offer their own exceptional vacation experience.

There are plenty of reasons why Maui’s been voted as the “Best island” of travelers. Visit this island and see for yourself this real “Magic Isle” where most miracles of nature can be witnessed. Famous Waikiki Seaside is the beat of the isle and a world-class hotel area, promotions excellent cusine, shopping, enjoyment and destinations can be found in Oahu.

Larger than all the other islands combined, “The Big Island” is a miniature continent with stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, volcanic parks, exotic rivers, vast plains and even cactus studded deserts. Life on Kauai is unhurried from the Na Pali Coast to Waimea Canyon with plenty of unforgettable beaches and stunning waterfalls in-between. And also in Lanai, you can imagine having a private island all by yourself with only a handful of hotels and endless lands and legends to discover. And lastly the Molokai island, one of the most beautiful island in hawaii that can be recalled as that of a shoe or a fish because of its shape.

Along your vacation trip, be fascinated with the rich history and culture of the Aloha state.



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