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Bermuda has extraordinary pink and green series of islands joined by causeways and bridges. This archipelago is consisting of one hundred and eighty-one surprising islands and islets. It is spotlessly clean, scenic, orderly and extremely beautiful.

The isolation of Bermuda in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, coupled with a history of English settlement, makes it unique. There are no slums, no billboards, and very, very few fast food outlets. From the colonial architecture of the tidy homes that line its roads, to the fragrant tropical flowers that drape its old stone walls

It has a magnificent sight wherein traveler can create their own adventure out of its dozen of islands. Also, the wide species of water animals will surely delight swimmers, snorkelers, divers and deep-sea fishermen.


Bermuda – The Fairmont Southampton

Bermuda’s leading luxury hotel rules over a 100-acre estate from on top of the island’s maximum point. Enclosed by sea and bay, The Fairmont Southampton Queen offers completely hired visitor bedrooms, innovative and versatile conference features, and a wonderful selection of dining places and entertainment. Visitors can also enjoy use of its sis property, the Fairmont Hamilton Queen. 593 air-conditioned bedrooms.

Bermuda – The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel

Bermuda’s wonderful century-old hotel majestically looks over Hamilton Harbor. This stylish hotel is just a 5 minute walk from town center Hamilton for shopping and dining places. Enjoy return rights with its sis property, the Fairmont Southampton Queen. 413 air-conditioned bedrooms and packages.


Bermuda – Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort

With heated sea breezes, first-class services and spectacular Florida sunsets, The Newstead Belmont Mountains Tennis Hotel and Spa makes an experience like no other. Reduce yourself in the dreamlike opinions of Barbados, stay more luxuriously in stunning, light bungalows and lastly learn what it means to truly evade.


Bermuda – Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Having just finished a large multi-million money renovating program, Bermuda’s best vacation value just got better. Visitors will find comprehensive remodeling of all guestrooms, presenting typically hired all-marble washrooms, and English mahogany furniture produced only for the accommodation by Drexel Culture. The share and seaside areas have been increased, and the entrance hall place has been extended to five times its past size, presenting a fire place, living room sitting place with items and toss carpets, and a dark oak floor. Large numbers have been..


Bermuda – Coco Reef Bermuda

After a $10 million remodeling  the Coco Offshore is Bermuda’s most discussed hotel. Completely located on its own private seaside, all rooms have balconies with spectacular sea opinions. The lately started out Restaurant Coco offers excellent food. Uncompromising service and fantastic delicacies make Coco Offshore – Bermuda’s Best Beach Resort.



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