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Bahamas Destinations

The Bahamas is a vacation playground with just forty miles south of the U.S. With 700 islands and cays, Bahamas is the most visited place in the Caribbean region. These hidden gems are the world’s most stunning beaches for relaxation and adventure.

Relax on the worldwide popular sugar-white seashores of Wire Seaside in Nassau. Wander the wonderful Haymarket town center and shop for regional art and handmade products.
Let the helpful gambling house team deal you an night of fun.
In Grand Bahama, stroll limitless kilometers of amazing seashores, find your own hidden cove, dancing the night away in sophisticated Freeport or evade society and discover one of the biggest sea cavern techniques.

Here, you can dive, snorkel, swim or take a kayak to a remote island and claim a sandy stretch of solitude on the beach all for yourself. You may also visit the restaurants and shops to mingle with locals and fellow tourists. Once you dip into the richly colored waters, the rest of the world will drift away!



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