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Destination: Punta Cana-  Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 4.0 Stars

Paradisus, is one of the most beautiful Hotels in Punta Cana, in a dreamlike setting, with silk white seashores searching the Carribbean Sea. Hundreds of grape hands rustle their bright fronds, to a soothing wind. The entry is nothing less than spectacular, with slatted pathways leading to raised systems over lagoons loaded with fish. Hippo ear plants, isles of feathery hands, great iron statues of Taino art, and support beams covered in bougainvillea, create a fascinating Hawaiian atmosphere. The entry hall place, under a pie plantation-style roof has Victorian padded chairs mixed with luxurious comfortable sofas, tapestry carpeting over stone, even shifts made from refined designed wood! A round bar of birdwatcher with Native indian marks encourages one for a cooling refreshment in this exotic Eden. So perfectly elegant, with light traditional music moving through, as sunshine shimmers on lakes.
A pool the size of a pond is enclosed by lavish growing landscapes and an unchanged place dedicated to the maintenance of ecosystem. There is a dining-room by the beach, loaded with 8 cusine places called “The Gastronomical Forehead,” and indeed it is! A la mappemonde specialised cusine places with wine lists, and cusine rooms with a wonderful food selection are proof of the top quality at the Paradisus.


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