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Destination: Punta Cana- Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 2.0 Stars

Exclusively designed to offer the attractiveness of characteristics along with the convenience preferred by the American visitor. A garden of Eden is numerous with blossoms and possession, thousands of varieties of unique plants, stuffed bushes of violet bouganvillas. Routes zig-zag to a amazingly share enclosed by blossoms and fanned hands, fronting a pristine seaside, with a vivid aqua blue sea secured by an tremendous barrier reefs offshore.

The idea at NaturaPark Hotel is to incorporate the use of organic timber, coconuts and rock, with structure in a Hawaiian design, and the taste of the South Ocean. Daylight and air flow through the main areas. You’ll see statues and art denoting the lifestyle of the Taino Indians, hand-crafted furniture of refined records with fat pillows developing seats and sofas. Thrives of plant arrangements, refined rich wood, floor surfaces — everything immaculately clean. A good idea, with an impressive feeling of comfort and peacefulness, and an awareness of one’s feelings.

The’ Change Spa’ is a sanction of relaxed atmosphere, with such treatments as ‘Island Restoration,’ ‘Chocolate Dreamland Peeling.’ Imagine falling into a fascinating plant bath after a spa, then cusine under a thatched ceiling of the Half Celestial satellite Steakhouse, with a view of neon-peach flamingos going in a small lagoon.

The atmosphere and environment are wonderful, and best for those in the fast world, who long for a casual vacation. And to see elegance before their eyes in a included Heaven.


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