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Destination: Punta Cana- Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 4.0 Stars

Step into paradise, where unique scenery flow right to the beach, with miles of glimmering breathtaking rimming the Carribbean, to a far off peninsula. Beauty in actual meaning, with white-colored rock flooring surfaces through a huge access area set on a lagoon, set to rest in unique results in. An access suitable for a master. Edwardian furniture in rich wood, tapestry floor covering, assistance supports with holding grapes grape vines, herons wandering through ponds of seafood. A unique techniques with sculptures in brownish, noticeable glass locations in lattice creating open areas, plant shows of red nutmeg and bromeliads, chicken of paradise and ferns. Groups of padded chairs, wrought-iron platforms and massive candlestick lighting. A individual event event gazebo named Julio Iglesias (perhaps he sat there) with peacock chairs, in a developing of natural elegance increases from this unique location.

A amazing Hotel, styles through organic scenery, with an area of individual fantastic cafes, each framework showing it’s concept. Portugal, France, Japanese people people, China, Language, Language, Fish, Steakhouse, Worldwide – giving an amazing choice of 13 restaurants! Which also includes the bbq bbq grill on the beach, and more casual style cafes with food. (lobster on the choice too!)

Ten diving pools! One for each day of the week if you choose to be so self-indulgent. Two state of the art Spas, with Arabian style camping camp tents for deep deep massages in the garden.

Weddings: An amazing developing of beauty in a individual garden. A white-colored dome held by assistance supports is decorated with sculptures of angels playing musical technology technology equipment. The actual miracle of this huge developing is only enhanced by an stylish horse drawn cart for the couple.


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