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Destination: Punta Cana- Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 4.0 Stars

This amazing all comprehensive hotel is enclosed by the most unbelievable scenery, modern plants and creatures, making it an perfect place for Carribbean fans and newcomers viewing the Dominican rebublic Republic. “Comfort and style”, explains the New Grand Beauty Punta Cana.

MAJESTIC HOTELS & RESORTS is pleased to existing the Resort MAJESTIC ELEGANCE PUNTA CANA, a new property, designed in the Dominican rebublic Republic northeastern. Situated next to the Grand Northeastern Punta Cana, the Grand Beauty Punta Cana is the organization’s second step into a well organized development in the Carribbean which shall proceed for years to come.

Tthe Grand Beauty Punta Cana is the response to satisfy the needs of a customers which is becoming more challenging of a higher end selection of features and services.

With the inclusion of the Grand Beauty Punta Cana, we are also causing create the Punta Cana area with great conventional qualities assisting the location and the nation to create top quality travel and leisure.


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