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Destination: Punta CanaCaribbean

Hotel Rating: 5.0 Stars



On a sun soaked seaside on the northeastern of the Dominican rebublic Republic, Goals Hand Beach Punta Cana embraces single men and women, couples and families to a globe of Unlimited-Luxury®. This pleasant destination features gorgeous seashores, a grand aqua blue sea, gleaming swimming pools and tropical gardens.

Elegantly-appointed rooms and packages offer luxury solutions, personal and equipped balconies or balconies, lcd TVs, everyday rejuvenated small cafes with carbonated drinks, fruit juices, water in bottles and beer, and 24-hour space and assistant solutions. Eight worldwide themed restaurants and five cafes, located in stunning outdoor and indoor settings provide delightful fabulous dining options. Indulge yourself with a variety of unique natural treatments at the world-class spa or get your pulse rate going at the state-of-the-art health club.

With so many ways to play, from numerous day time activities, presenting an Explorer’s Team for Kids and a Core Zone for teens, and fantastic nighttime entertainment, a stay at Goals Hand Beach will be forever memorable.

Upgrade to a Recommended Team space and receive remarkable solutions and world-class solutions that include: a Private living space, Private Recommended Lounge, Recommended Status and Amenities, Private pool area, Concierge assistance, Daily navigator breakfast provided in living space, hot and cold afternoon hors d’oeurvres, free of charge in-suite wi-fi access, beautiful sweets and fine drinks in the living space, everyday free of charge paper, improved small bar assistance, and improved bath solutions.


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