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Destination: Punta Cana- Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 3.0 Stars

On a wonderful field of white seaside, taken with grape hands the sis resort to Bavaro Queenis part of a Language sequence of Hotels. It is the latest to the sequence and only 5 years old. One goes into into a huge open-air entrance hall with a huge thatched protecting, refined surfaces, enormous iron-crafted shells which provide as lighting at the front steps. As one walking through to the other side, there is an field of expansive grass and a small imitation town with stores in light Carribbean style design, along with a common little Dominican rebublic house which holds the indication, ” Internet.” A road through natural mangrove and exotic leaves takes you to another wide starting with a long languishing share and the place area with vivid world shades of rusts and orange. Individual cusine places, each with it’s own difference and concept, apparently create a little row of cusine options. Like walking along a road within the landscapes. There are 3 specialised cusine places, for Language, French and China delicacies and one main Palapa cafe for food. Of significant discuss is El Pilon which is actually a name given by the Tiano Indians to a jar-like piece of ceramic in which they would mash spices or herbs. One seems you have been welcomed into the common Dominican rebublic home, to food on local recipes.


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