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Destination: Punta Cana- Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 5.0 Stars

Punta Cana - 6 Golden Apple Deal Punta Cana- PUJYou select the location and leaving date-we select the place. Our Associate will tell you of your resort when you reach the leaving airport terminal. The apple company assures that the place will be at least the ranking stated in the offer. In return for allowing us select the place, we give a significant price reduction! Because of the unique characteristics of Rectangle Offers, no unique demands can be approved.
Square Offers are subject to the terms of the Reasonable Trade Agreement and include Round-trip air, Hotel resorts based on double-occupancy, exchanges, resort bags managing, Hotel Tax, Services of an The apple company Associate, and Welcome Wedding celebration. Meals, Beverages and watersports are not included unless an All-Inclusive Rectangle Cope is purchased.

Square Cope resorts can change at any time, therefore we cannot guarantee on any given appearance the several booking will be lodged at the same resort.


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