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Destination: Puerto Plata- Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 3.0 Stars

The Way of life Exotic is the substance of a real tropical seaside hotel encounter. The features have been designed to offer a first category holiday encounter. Moreover to two regularly, two share cafes and a seaside team, there is a option of outstanding restaurants: French, Oriental, Combination, Fish, Tex-Mex and Worldwide delicacies plus disco and living room.

VIP Beach

Boasting huge magnificent one and two-tier mattresses with comfort drapes, the V.I.P. Beach is a must for complete satisfaction. Besides assistance is waiting for you so don’t get up just tell us what you want and it will be taken proper proper ! Popular for their extremely asked for and suggested “Bailey’s Colada”, the employees will beat up and any preparations of international drink that you can think about.

You have a option of four whirlpools to living room your mid-day away in, once again, it is not necessary to shift unless you need to awesome down in the falls. A premier Sushi-Sashimi bar is just a few actions up, but still, ask your grateful server to carry some delightful option down to you, it will be our satisfaction.

Welcome Party

This occasion is a must; it will surpass your objectives in every way! Every Weekend evening allow Way of life Vacations hotels to absolutely astound you and transportation you to another globe with this truly memorable encounter.

Celebrated at the best occasion in the Northern Shore, the Welcome Celebration be the ejaculation of your holiday. Adhere to the skylights as they will information you in to this globe of miracle.


Arrang Your


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