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Destination: Paris-  Europe
Hotel Rating: 5.0 Stars

Rebirth Vendome is a renovated 19th millennium townhouse residence whose internal planning was noticed by Pierre Yves Rochon. Situated between rue St. Honoré and Jardin des Tuileries, close to Position Vendôme and Position de l’Opéra and only a few minutes from the town’s main business region, Rebirth Vendôme is preferably in the Western investment of lifestyle, charm and fashion.

The resort contains 97 bedrooms and 13 packages on its six higher surfaces, as well as a cafe with a fascinating and unique “Chinese bar”. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the resort’s nicely shaped inside share, which is washed in daylight that is refracted by the pool’s standing tiling. The bedrooms focus on relaxed atmosphere and performance along with beauty that takes its cue from 1930’s style. All bedrooms and packages offer guests state of the art technology.

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