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Destination: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo–  Mexico
Hotel Rating: 5.0 Stars

From the moment you reach this South america high-class hotel, you will be engrossed in the Capella Ixtapa experience. An open-air wedding celebration desk embraces you to our high-class South america getaway, where warm sea breezes from the Hawaiian ease you instantly, shifting you to the outstanding experience of a vacation at Capella Ixtapa.

On your way to your innovative, yet comfortable package, you’ll notice the wonderful intermingling of modern and traditional Spanish variations at Capella Ixtapa. The structure of hand crafted clay-based and rock satisfies smooth rock and refined hard woods. This method of development, praising the vast culture of our location, while making a innovative declaration of our very own, has become a Capella Resort signature.

There are only 59 packages at Capella Ixtapa high-class South america hotel, each experiencing the sea as the accommodation flows down towards the Hawaiian. Balconies start up to the attractiveness of the Pacific: where powder-white fine sand is caressed by the failing surf. It’s a private world of elegance combined with remarkable high-class, where crowd are left kilometers away. It’s a place to let your hair down, to convert off your phone and convert on yourself. It’s a Iuxury South america getaway where getting away from it all shows a resources of remarkable elegance.

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