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HawaiiGetting Married In Hawaii Islands

Hawaii is a great place for a wedding. The islands exude romance and natural beauty, and after the ceremony, you’re already on your honeymoon. And the members of your wedding party will most likely be delighted, because you’ve given them the perfect excuse for their own island vacation…




Getting Married In The Caribbean
Saint Kitts

Sandals and SuperClubs are two chains that have helped many couples tie the knot. If you yearn to take the plunge on a sun-dappled island, you need to know a bit about the requirements on the different islands.



wedding in virgin islandsGetting Married In The Virgin Islands

No blood tests or physical examinations are necessary, but there is a $25 notarized application, and an 8-day waiting period, which is sometimes waived depending on circumstances. Civil ceremonies before a judge of the territorial court cost $200 each; religious ceremonies performed by clergy are equally valid. Fees and schedules for church weddings must be negotiated directly with the officiate…




Arrang Your

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