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It is true when they say that love makes the world go around. As cliché as it is, people do see a world of happiness whenever they feel loved and cherished. This is especially true when couples finally make a decision that would change their lives forever – Marriage. Of course, marriage should begin by planning a wedding at the most perfect place and time. It is wonderful to get married in a beautiful place or take an exotic honeymoon to where the sun shines bright and the sun sets romantically. It is also wonderful to have your honeymoon or wedding at an unforgettable location. It is even better when the place is filled with the couple’s loved ones smiling down with happiness and inspiration or having your honeymoon is a exotic location.Should you want to have a wedding or honeymoon us at Getting Married Travel are just what you need to achieve a perfect wedding or honeymoon. We can help you plan the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination. It is nice to have someone reliable who you know has the best knowledge when it comes to fulfilling the most important day of your life. Make your wedding or honeymoon more memorable by contacting us at Getting Married Travel today.

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts Wedding Packages

Bahia Principe is one of the most popular wedding destinations. It is a place where the majestic view of the Caribbean meets the influence of Spanish culture. That is why people from around the world flock into this paradise just to be wedded in a blissful ambiance. Bahia Principe has the most majestic blue shores discretely fluttering its discrete waves while the white sand comfortably welcomes you to enjoy the whole scene. Truly, a romantic beach wedding is more special in this place.

Get your wedding dress ready you need your wedding or honeymoon to be in paradise. We will help you plan your wedding destination or honeymoon. Contact us today and speak to professional travel company. Find Out More!

BlueBay and Blue Diamond Wedding Packages

It is nice have a wedding or honeymoon in a place where the sun smiles at the beach and the sand meets comfortably with your toes. Have a fun-filled dream wedding at Blue Bay and Blue Diamond Resorts. This place is specially located in the beautiful country of Mexico and Riviera Maya. It is the most romantic place you can get out of your dream wedding or honeymoon destination.

From getting married by the beach to having an intimate affair in a private resort, Blue Diamond by Blue Bay is just the perfect place. This cozy wonderland offers nothing but the finest environment you can ever imagine. You can surely achieve this by working with us at Getting Married Travel. We have worked with different couples for years and we did not fail to achieve what the couple’s needs for their dream wedding. Do not settle for anything less, contact our experts today. Find Out More!

Couples Resorts Wedding Packages

A blissful wedding getaway or honeymoon is achieved by choosing a relaxing ambiance and of course, being with the one you love. When it comes to destination wedding or honeymoon, no one will offer you a blissful one but Couples Resorts. Couples resorts can provide you with an exclusive place ready to take your breath away with fine dining choices, lavish wedding decorations, spa treatments and other complimentary offers. This is just the perfect getaway to achieve a high-end wedding or honeymoon done in the most relaxing way.

We at Getting Married Travel do not just work for your wedding or honeymoon– we work for your own good. We are well-equipped with the right skills and experience just to provide you the exact details for your wedding or honeymoon destination. Find Out More!

Hilton Wedding Packages

Hilton Hotels carry a brand of class and luxury. When it comes to formal ceremonies, this hotel is one of the sought-after ones. This chain of international hotels is famous for their wedding gazebos, high-class rooms with contemporary pieces, amazing amenities and breathtaking scenic views. This hotel offers an all-in-one wedding package everyone would love to have.

We at Getting Married Travel have worked with hundreds of couples and Hilton Hotel. They know exactly what you want, and know how you are going to get it. Choose from the different packages they offer so you will not have to worry about your budget. Hilton Hotel weddings may get too expensive but our experts have the right strategy to make your wedding or honeymoon be affordable without sacrificing a high-class mark. Find Out More!

Marival Residences & World Spa Wedding Packages

Marival Residences & World Spa is different from other wedding destinations. It offers a great scenery of the Riviera Nayarit so you are to be wedded in the greatest place the nature has to offer. Imagine how you can be more inspired with the sun setting over the blue waves of the ocean, creating a romantic setting. The day after, be captivated with the warm sunlight sparkling over the oceans, welcoming you to enjoy your forever blissful life.

Should you need to consider Marival Residences & World Spa as your wedding or honeymoon place, count on the us at Getting Married Travel. We know just what to do when it comes to celebrating the most important part of your life. Currently, they offer free wedding packages for engaged couples inclusive of bride’s bouquets, 30-minute massage for couples, three-course dinner, wedding cake and many more. Take advantage of this free offer today. Find Out More!

Palladium Hotels & Resorts Wedding Packages

Palladium Hotels and Resorts is world-renowned for its beachfront amenities, 5-star offers and tropical ambiance. You can be wedded in one of their resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic. The greatest thing about this resort is that it has an exclusive adults-only spot located in the resorts complexes. This comes with a butler service, fine dining choices and other high-class services every couple will truly enjoy. So, when it comes to wedding and honeymoon, Palladium Hotels and Resorts may be your best choice.

We at Getting Married Travel offer different wedding packages that will surely suit your taste. We have been planning wedding and honeymoon destinations for years so we know every detail of what your dream wedding should look like. Talk to our experts today and discuss with them how you want your wedding or honeymoon to be. Then, you can sit back, relax and see your dream wedding unfold right before your eyes. Find Out More!

Secrets Resorts & Spas Wedding Packages

If you want an intimate wedding or honeymoon affair, Secrets Resorts & Spas should definitely be considered. Its byline of ‘Unlimited Luxury Adult Vacation’ exemplifies what it truly offers. Yes, you can experience what real intimacy and sensuality by staying at an amazing oceanfront resort, complete with elegant rooms, 24-hour concierge and many other perks. This resort offers more than intimacy – it provides romance at its finest.

Pleasure, happiness and intimacy should never come with a price. That is why us at Getting Married Travel offers different packages that will suit your taste and your budget. We work with Secrets Resorts & Spas to give you all the things that you need for your wedding or honeymoon. Now, being in a romantic spot is easy to achieve with us at Getting Married Travel. Find Out More!

Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts Wedding Packages

It is good to be married in good health and well-being – that is what Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resort is all about. It offers a boutique-like experience in a luxurious way where your happiness is not only achieved but your over-all wellness as well. Indulge in a high-end setting with complimentary massage service, award-winning dining offers and breathtaking views of crystal clear blue waters. When it comes to fun, wellness and recreation, this is the resort you need for your wedding.

Our experts will provide you different packages according to your taste and preferences. Choose from the different kinds of Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resort inclusive from experiencing an on-site wedding coordinator to a free night of stay! Never settle for anything less and choose to work with the us at Getting Married Travel now. Find Out More!

Barceló Hotels & Resorts Wedding Packages

Imagine yourself staring lovingly at the eyes of your partner while saying your ‘I do’ vows while being in a romantic getaway complete with romantic sunset and the wind gushing beneath your hair. This is what Barceló Hotels & Resorts achieve to bring happiness and joy to your wedding. Seated in the heart of Mexico and the Caribbean, your tropical dream wedding or honeymoon is just within your reach. Barceló Hotels & Resorts has exclusive offers just for couples. These include assistance with a wedding specialist, special wedding decorations, Caribbean Trio and so much more!

All these can be taken advantage of at a very reasonable price with us at Getting Married Travel. We are dedicated to provide anyone with your dream destination wedding or honeymoon. We offer packages Travel today and get your own customized package at the Barceló Hotels & Resorts. Find Out More!

Breathless Resorts & Spas Wedding Packages

You want your wedding or honeymoon to be completely breathtaking. From the way your fiancé looks like to the way your loved ones smile with happiness, your wedding will definitely be perfect. This is especially true when it is held in a pristine beach where you can see the blue waters clapping their waves for your special event. Bring liveliness, romance and fun at Breathless Resorts and Spas. The resort has a chic glam, breathless scenery of the beach and wonderful lounges to celebrate your wedding. Truly, you can achieve a breathtaking wedding or honeymoon at Breathless Resort & Spas.

Of course, no one will provide you a complete wedding or honeymoon destination package other than us at Getting Married Travel. Talk to us and discuss how your wedding or honeymoon should be. We know exactly where to get your wedding or honeymoon destination choices. Gain a reliable advice from the real experts today. Find Out More!

Dreams Resorts & Spas Wedding Packages

Dreaming of a fun and exciting destination wedding or honeymoon? Dream Resorts & Spa may be the perfect place for you. It has complete amenities to make your wedding a fun as it can be. Gather your friends and families to a wonderful getaway while your wedding is just around the corner. Enjoy unlimited choices of authentic meals in their own gourmet restaurants, modernized amenities and lots of fun activities. Of course, indulge yourself with the captivating view of the beach.

Achieve your own fun wedding or honeymoon destination with Getting Married Travel. We provide the best itinerary for your honeymoon or wedding destination. Our all-in-one package at Dream Resorts & Spa is never outperformed by anyone else. Make sure to contact us today. Find Out More!

Now Resorts & Spas Wedding Packages

If you want a honeymoon or wedding destination where fun meets peace and quiet, the Now Resorts & Spa may be the perfect place for you. This resort is different from any other places as it has wonderful spots to keep your wedding or honeymoon as enjoyable as possible – and be peaceful as you want it to be when you need to romantically be alone with your partner. Choose your dream honeymoon or wedding destination in three Now Resorts & Spa locations: Puerto Cana, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya. Your true sense of fun begins with Now Resorts & Spa.

Your wedding or honeymoon at Now Resorts & Spa can be so much better with us at Getting Married Travel helping you out. We are dedicated to give you a dream wedding or honeymoon which you and your loved ones will truly enjoy. Choose from the available packages and get a chance to live in the now at Now Resorts & Spa. Find Out More!

Paradisus Resorts Wedding Packages

Located in the heart of Mexico and Dominican Republic, this all-inclusive tourist spot is just what you need for your wedding or honeymoon. Paradisus Resorts is world-renowned for its sophisticated interior designs, lavish amenities and captivating scenes from the pristine beach. This is a true romantic getaway where you can feel the love of your partner in a romantic set-up complete with a gazebo, sunset lighting, dainty flowers and all the wonderful wedding or honeymoon ideas you want to have. After the wedding, during your honeymoon relax in award-winning spas and exclusive upgrade option to Royal Service.

Start planning your wedding or honeymoon at the Paradisus Resorts today with us at Getting Married Travel . We have been in and around the corners of this resort so we know exactly how your wedding or honeymoon should be. We work with professionalism and dedication, making sure that every detail is perfect the moment you walk down the aisle or go off on your honeymoon. Find Out More!

Sunscape Resorts & Spas Wedding Packages

A wedding and honeymoon destination in one place, this is what Sunscape Resorts & Spas is all about. This resorts offers nothing but the best in fulfilling the romantic ideas of couples from anywhere in the world. They focus not just on their activities but in their luxurious amenities as well. Yes, aside from the all-day fun and all-night party, you and your partner can relax in their magnificent spa or get a massage from their professional masseuse. Everything is here at Sunscape Resorts & Spas.

Make sure that your wedding and honeymoon will be as perfect as you imagined it to be. When it comes to honeymoon and wedding destination, preparation and coordination, no one could outperform the services offered by us at Getting Married Travel. We have been working with Sunscape Resorts & Spas to give you all the best things for your wedding and honeymoon. Find Out More!

Breezes Bahamas Wedding Packages

Get into the mood with the colors and vibrancy of your wedding or honeymoon set in the islands of Bahamas and Jamaica. The Breeze Bahamas is a super-inclusive resort with high-end accommodations, unlimited drinks, fun water activities and so much more. Your wedding or honeymoon will certainly be blissful with their artistic matrimonial set-up and convenient bridal registry. In fact, the resort offer free wedding guide for all engaged couples. This is truly your one-stop destination of all your wedding and honeymoon fantasies.

Match the perfect opportunities to hold your destination wedding or honeymoon with us at Getting Married Travel . We have gone a long way in terms of planning a wedding or honeymoon and making sure that every detail is done perfect. Speak to any of our experts and see how you can rely on someone who knows every little thing about planning a wedding or honeymoon getaway. Find Out More!

All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotel Wedding Packages

Hard Rock Hotels are always known for their superior amenities and world-class ambiance. That is why you can never go wrong with Hard Rock Hotel. This luxurious destination honeymoon or wedding is not only about beauty salons, casinos and other lavish indulgence; it also offers high-end wedding events that will truly captivate everyone’s attention. From a formal wedding ceremony to a non-stop party and excitement, this is the best hotel you can ever consider.

To experience the full wedding or honeymoon benefits of Hard Rock Hotel, be sure to contact us at Getting Married Travel . We have been working with different Hard Rock Hotel destinations so you are getting the best deal out of any other offers. We at Getting Married Travel offer complimentary packages inclusive of the wedding ceremony location, themed floral décor, champagne to toast and so much more. Find Out More!

Le Blanc Wedding Collections

Imagine yourself being wed in a fine ambiance where everything is dainty and all you can see is the discrete blue colors of the beach and the fine white sand lingering around your feet. Then, you finally see the captivating view of your fiancé staring lovingly while you walk down the aisle. This is what Le Blanc Spa Resort is all about. With its famous minimalist-style wedding, you will surely glow with the natural beauty that surrounds you. Never underestimate the minimalist design that le Blank Spa Resort offer. Before and after your wedding, you will be pampered with personalized services were luxurious rooms and spas awaits you.

Your wedding will surely be the envy of many especially when you work with hands-on experts ready to work with you to fulfill your dream wedding. We at Getting Married Travel are equipped with the right knowledge to give you the best vacation experience while you relax and await your wedding date. Yes, we do everything from planning a vacation to planning a honeymoon. Talk to us today. Find Out More!

Palace Resorts Wedding Collections

If you like to have a one-of-a-kind wedding, the Palace Resorts is your best choice. Located in Mexican Caribbean, you will surely be captivated with the blue waves and the fine white sands. This resort gained numerous awards for its outstanding services and great amenities. This includes the 2013 Travelers Choice Awards from the TripAdvisor and the AAA Five Diamond Award. Your wedding or honeymoon can never go wrong with Palace Resorts.

Never settle for anything less. Make sure that your wedding or honeymoon in Palace Resorts is as perfect as you want it to be. We at Getting Married Travel are dedicated to achieve a perfect wedding or honeymoon– personalized according to what you want. Choose from the wide array of packages that you can take advantage of today. Find Out More!

RIU Hotels & Resorts Wedding Packages

Whether you want your wedding or honeymoon to be set in Cancun, Panama, Jamaica or Costa Rica, RIU Hotels and Resorts has the perfect venue for you. Be captivated with the scenic view of their beach and the fine outdoor pools everyone will truly love. RIU Hotels & Resorts are one of the world’s best destinations due to its world-class amenities and excellent customer service. This resort also offers an all-inclusive luxury wedding fit to provide perfect happiness for the soon-to-be couples.

No one knows your wedding or honeymoon better than us at Getting Married Travel. We have worked with hundreds of engaged couples and never failed to meet their expectations. The RIU Hotel & Resort packages can be customized according to your budget and lifestyle. Now, you can achieve a destination wedding or honeymoon with Getting Married Travel today. Find Out More!

† All wedding package prices and inclusions are subject to change without notice. Government and administrative fees and taxes are not included unless otherwise stated. Pricing and wedding package inclusions vary by hotel/resort. Symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding. Unless otherwise stated, additional fees will be assessed for the services of a judge or minister. The wedding packages described herein are sold directly by independent suppliers and not by or does not accept and expressly disclaims any liability for the actions or omissions of these independent suppliers.



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