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Destination: Hawaii – Maui–  Hawaii
Hotel Rating: 5.0 Stars
“Sun-Sational Savings” – FREE night plus FREE buffet breakfast daily for two. “Endless Escape” rates: drastically reduced ROOM rates (room type, duration & date restrictions apply). FAMILIES: Kids 17/under stay FREE!Hawaii-Maui - Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa
Beach front hotel with the reasons covering around ancient Black Stone, home of every night flash light lighting and high cliff snorkeling wedding. Sun-Sational Savings Promotion: includes FREE night(s) PLUS daily morning meal food for two.

The Sheraton offers 510 rooms and packages with a Traditional décor & furniture designed especially for the place. Exotic scenery with grape hands and extensive grass improve the overall atmosphere, and an raised entrance hall looks over the entire residence.

The residence has 142 metres of intertwining water lagoons that nourish into the main pool, with a close by outdoor spa set amongst lava rock structures.

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