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Destination: Curacao – Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 4.0 Stars

Appreciate a fun-filled vacation of a life-time at Sunscape Curaçao Hotel, Spa & Gambling house. Situated near The isle of aruba and off the shore of Venezuela, the 38-mile new york of Curaçao offers pleasant weather, beautiful seashores, amazing scuba snorkeling and much more to family members, partners, single men and women and friends. At Sunscape Curaçao all visitors will relish an Unlimited-Fun® vacation where everything is involved from top-shelf mood and everyday rejuvenated mini-bar, to unlimited food and drinks and limitless day to day actions. Guests can have fun with the on-site jump center at Sunscape Curaçao where they can capture a boat right at the accommodation to the Nationwide Marine Recreation area and luxuriate in snorkeling and scuba snorkeling at one of the most popular snorkeling sites in the world.



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