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Destination: Bermuda – Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 5.0 Stars

Having just finished a large multi-million money renovating program, Bermuda’s best vacation value just got better. Visitors will find comprehensive remodeling of all guestrooms, presenting typically hired all-marble washrooms, and English mahogany furniture produced only for the accommodation by Drexel Culture. The share and seaside areas have been increased, and the entrance hall place has been extended to five times its past size, presenting a fire place, living room sitting place with items and toss carpets, and a dark oak floor. Large numbers have been invested and the results are stunning! Plus, guests can still enjoy 21 miles of magnificently designed seaside front reasons looking over three private seashores, two on-site 500,000 year-old subterranean caverns, an outside hot tub, Watersports Center/Dive Shop, and four outside golf legal courts. A variety of diet plans, plus an All-Inclusive Plan, are also available. 201 air-conditioned rooms and packages.


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