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Destination: Athens-  Europe
Hotel Rating: 5.0 Stars


The town’s most unique address for discerning tourists, this magnificent resort sets in a blessed location, just steps from shopping, and within easy reach of the Acropolis and the amazing things of historical Athens. Step through the attractively bejeweled entrance hall have fun with traditional Ancient delicacies and worldwide stand up at the Parliament Restaurant; or rest in one of the generously designed lounges. Appreciate elegant services such as a well-equipped fitness center, a charming share with share bar, and soothing spa. Relax in one of 102 high-class bedrooms, and the most magnificent packages in the country with spectacular opinions. Suites are independently designed with the best silks, taffetas and decorations by Rob Lauren, Fornacetti and Versace. All bedrooms feature the first Entertaining Web TV system in Ancient resorts.

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