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Destination: Aruba – Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 3.0 Stars


The seaside Vacation Inn The isle of aruba Hotel is located in Aruba’s world renowned Hand Seaside. With the best breathtaking and dazzling beach of the area, perfect weather, amazing dining places, and very hot night life our resort truly offers something for everyone. From its full assistance Excelsior casino, Intermezzo Day Spa, health club, on-site shopping video arcade and the most amazing aquatic activities on website, to its 100 % free Children Vacation Club, we estimate your most difficult decision will be choosing what to do next.

Whether you’re here for a corporate getaway, family trip or just a little recovery time, youll find relaxing hotels, an careful staff and a range of services and activities. Choose from Western Strategy or All-Inclusive offers. From sunrise to sunset, our objective is to help you pack as many happiness as possible into your remain. Welcome. Or, as the Arubans say, Bonbini!

Laze by the unique pool or nap away the times in the colour of a palm. Four golf legal courts, beach beach ball legal courts, and fully prepared Physical health and fitness Middle will provide a physical task. The isle of aruba is easy to get to, yet many years from anywhere you’ve been. Warm, average times, soft breathtaking, and the rich isle lifestyle make The isle of aruba an ideal position in the sun, and there is no better position to enjoy the gemstone of the Nederlander Carribbean than at the Vacation Inn The isle of aruba Hotel.

Inclusive Plan:

Breakfast Food at Coral’s, Lunchtime and Dinner will be provided at one of our specialised dining places (determined by the hotels every week schedule), Treats provided at our beach bar during noon throughout the evening, Home alcohol, house addict and non-alcoholic drinks plus Children 12 and under eat and remain 100 % free. Not Included are Selected selection items at our specialised dining places, product alcohol and product alcohol consumption, room assistance, non electric or electric aquatic activities.


Arrang Your


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