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Destination: Aruba- Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 3.0 Stars


Contemporary, vibrant, and stunning, the high-rise Divi The island of aruba Arizona Seaside Resort is beaten only by its most excellent amenity- miles of genuine pristine beach.

Situated on Aruba’s popular Hand Seaside, and supported by a personal creatures haven, the Divi The island of aruba Arizona is a exotic delight among seaside The island of aruba hotels. Clear turquoise surf wash up on a beautiful wide beach marked with thatch cabanas and welcoming sleeping sacks. A vibrant seaside bar and possession rim fresh water swimming pools.

Spacious seaside companies, one, and two bedroom packages offer fully equipped cooking areas, picture windows, and large personal balconies with capturing opinions.

Now available! The Divi The island of aruba Arizona offers 140 luxury seaside packages, pool, and Pure Seaside Cafe. Suites in the new stage are now available, and Pure Seaside Cafe is open with an exciting selection and stylish, modern design.


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